A free REST API for Rihanna quotes.

The project was inspired by the Kanye West API by Andrew Jazbec and the Ron Swanson Quotes API by James Wright.

Fenty is always serving! Not only looks and bops but also wisdom! I wanted to bring more diversity to the API world. I was tired of using the same old quote APIs.

For building the API I've used Node.js, Express.js and TypeScript. I could've gone serverless but I took it as an opportunity to learn more about backend stuff.

For webscrapping the quotes I've wrote a Python script using the Beautiful Soup library.

Even though it's just a fun little project I'm already thinking about adding new features for v2 and building other projects consuming the very same API.

By the way I've already built an Alexa skill with Node.js that consumes this API to serve Rihanna quotes but I haven't deployed yet (coming soon!).

The API is hosted on Heroku.