Vanilla JS Academy | Fall 2019

Vanilla JS Academy is a project-based online JavaScript training program run by Chris Ferdinandi.

I first started learning how to code with React so I wanted to go back to basics and see how good I was at Vanilla JS.

Here's a testimonial I left on the training program's page:

"I'm loving the Academy and I don't want it to end! For me this is priceless. I don't work in tech yet and to be able to do those mini projects and discuss the code and best practices with you guys is a great learning experience. The pace of the course is nice too because it keeps me busy and that helps me feel more comfortable with the syntax and methods."

This course helped me get over my imposter syndrome back then. I've managed to get all the challenges done and solved all the technical problems. It was very rewarding to me that my code and logic behind it was just as clean and good as my peers' solutions.

Earlier this year I enrolled in the January 2022 session of Advanced JS: Structure & Scale but I still haven't found the time to go through it.

The repo with all my solutions can be found here.